Which Zone are you in?

So if I told you in order to move forward you have to get out of your COMFORT zone, would you consider it? When we stay in our COMFORT zone we rarely reach our goals or dreams. In your COMFORT zone you think you are safe and in control when actually you are not moving forward and quite possibly could be moving backwards. Today, I want to encourage you to look at where you are and where you want to go. Remember you are where you are today based on the decisions you made 5 years ago. Where you are going to be in 5 years is based on the decisions you make today. Let’s make some great decisions. Everyday we make choices and the choices we make affect our future selves. What great choices are you going to make for you, your family, for your finances, and for your future? Where do you want to be? You are driving this vehicle, we call life. It can take you where ever you want to go!

Are you in the FEAR zone? Are you affected by others’ opinions? Do you always have excuses for everything? Do you have low or no self confidence? Fear paralyzes us and causes us to not move forward or take action. FEAR = False Evidence Appearing Real. Right now with what our country is going thru, we are seeing a lot of people living in fear of the unknown. We must find the positive things in our lives and everyday give gratitude. Being in the FEAR zone will steal all your hopes and dreams. It will keep you stagnant and not growing. It is a very scarce place to be. We want to move towards Abundance.

Are you in the LEARNING zone? You have extended your comfort zone and starting to branch out and learn new things. You are acquiring new skills and new ways of doing things. You are taking on your problems and working through them with no excuses just results. What are you learning or practicing in order to be better? Now is the time to try new things and learn new ways of doing things. With Technology today, there is so much to learn and do. I feel like everyday I am learning something new because of technology. Remember fax machines? VHS tapes? cassette tapes? Wow, our world is changing everyday and we must keep learning. We all go through these 4 zones during certain times in our lives and that is normal. Just remember you want to get to the GROWTH ZONE asap.

GROWTH zone! This is where the magic happens. You have found your purpose and you are setting new goals. You are conquering your objectives. You are living your dream! How many people can say that? What we focus on expands. Growth is what we must focus on. We all have the same 24 hours in a day. Don’t you wonder when you watch successful people how in the world do they get so much done? They are in the GROWTH zone and they are moving forward in Abundance. Yes, it’s way easier to stay in the COMFORT zone but we are not teaching complacency. We are teaching how to have a life worth living! It’s not how much money you make, it’s how much money you keep! What can you do today to move towards the GROWTH zone and reach all your financial dreams?

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