Welcome to Down Home Money

A Simple Approach to Financial Freedom


Welcome to Down Home Money

A Simple Approach to Financial Freedom

Money Difference

Welcome to Down Home Money!

I am so grateful to be able to share my Financial Freedom world with you! This site will talk about Money, Real Estate, and Life and how we can live a purposeful life doing what we love.

It’s called Down Home Money and it’s a simple approach to becoming financially free. You see, I did it, and you can too! With no college education and a Kentucky high school diploma, I am now living a life by design with passive income streams.

Money Difference

My Name is Myra Oliver

My name is Myra Oliver, and I want to share with you my journey to financial freedom. The great news is I have failed my way forward and want to help you learn from both my mistakes and good fortune. It will be the good, bad, and ugly and thank goodness, hindsight is 20/20. I’ve learned a lot on this journey to Financial Freedom.


What I want to share on this site

You can change your financial trajectory by applying a few simple techniques and strategies.  How would your life be different if you had freedom of choice to go to work or not? If money didn’t matter, what would you be doing with your time? Are you working in your passion? Do you know your purpose?



What if I told you, you could decide your own future and design it? Would you be willing to make sacrifices now in order to live your best life in 5, 10, or 20 years? It’s up to you and you get to decide! Money is only good for the good it can do. Let’s get serious and do some good with your money!


Financial Freedom

Financial Freedom gives you options which creates opportunity.

The world we live in equally distributes talent, but it does not equally distribute opportunity. You have to step through the door to find opportunity. It can be messy and hard, but the reward of Financial Freedom is well worth it! 

Financial Freedom is different
for everyone.

Financial Freedom is a mind shift of living on less than you earn so you can be financially independent at a later date. For some people it’s being debt free and able to choose a job they love, not for the money but the experience. Some just need enough to pay all their bills. Some want to live a rich extravagant life. Here is the exciting part: You get to decide how you want to live your life by your daily choices. 

Financial Freedom allows you to pursue your goals, not someone else’s goals.

It allows choices! When you discover your purpose and big why, it will drive the process, and becomes so much easier to stay focused on your financial freedom goal.


I'm here to give you ideas and options

I am just an ordinary person who became financially extraordinary through saving for my future and being diligent with my money. Down Home Money is a simple approach that can help you get started on your freedom journey. It’s not easy, but it is simple.



Down Home Money is a community dedicated to providing information on Money, Real Estate and Life. We want to empower and inspire you to let your money make a difference and give you Financial Freedom to live your best life.


My goal

My Goal is to capture your heart so I can show you how your money can truly make a difference in having your best life ever.

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