My 2019 Goal to read 100 Books!

I have always been goal driven but most of my goals have been business related and financially driven.  After resigning from my job in 2018, I decided my future was going to look different and I wanted to do things that I had always wanted to do but never took the time to do.  In 2018, I decided to make some changes in my life. First change was to start working out so I started my workout journey.  I am excited to say, I now walk 3 to 5 miles a day because of making this goal a priority. You see, we can all do anything we want, it just takes discipline and desire.  The same for Financial Freedom and taking back control of your money and your time.   In 2019, my goal was to read 100 books.  Yes, 100 books!  It was a lofty goal and lots of these books I did on audible.  I love audible so while I am doing my walk every morning, I am listening to a great book.  I wanted to share my list with you.  They are in order of when I read them in the year. Of course, you will notice a lot of books about money and financial freedom due to the fact that I was researching for my own book:  Down Home Money which will be out in June 2020!    It was really hard to pick my top 5 books for 2019 and here they are:

Top 5 Books for 2019:

1. Financial Freedom Grant Sabatier
2. Present over Perfect Shauna Niequist
3. Delay, Don’t Deny Gin Stephens
4. The Simple Path to Wealth JL Collins
5. The Top Five Regrets of the Dying Bronnie Ware

2019 Book List:

1.Delay, Don’t DenyGin Stephens
2.The Case Against SugarGary Taubes
3.The 5 levels of LeadershipJohn Maxwell
4.How to stop feeling like sh*tAndrea Owen
5.Atomic MarriageCurtis Sittenfeld
6.Power MovesAdam Grant
7.Living Trust for everyoneRonald Farrington
8.Make your bedWilliam H. McRaven
9.Financial Freedom Grant Sabatier
10.Platform RevolutionGeoffrey G. Parker, Marshall W. Van Alstyne, Sangeet Paul Choudary
11.The Purpose Driven LifeRick Warren
12.How to be COMPASSIONATEDalai Lama
13.The Power of WhenMichael Beus, PhD
14.Maybe you should talk to someoneLori Gottlieb
15.Words into CashTimothy S. Kim
16.The 3-day EffectFlorence Williams
17.Don’t Bite the HookPema Chodron
18.Write your Book on the sideHassan Osman
19.RelentlessTim S. Grover
20.Atomic HabitsJames Clear
21.How to write a BookDavid Kadavy
22.How to write a book and publish on AmazonEntrepreneur Publishing
23.I know what to do , so why don’t I do itNick Hall
24.The Wealthy BarberDavid Chilton
25.How to write a book in 21 days or lessDan Harper
26.The Path to Wealth & Financial FreedomKyle Benson
27.Financial Freedom-top business lessonsSteve Mighty
28.Think like Tony RobbinsIvan Fernandez
29.Gratitude Training for HealthJane Thompson
30.Designing Your LifeBill Burnett, Dave Evans
31.The Obesity CodeDr. Jason Fung
32.The Power of Positive LeadershipJon Gordon
33.Stock Trading Strategy for BeginnersDiego Arnesano
34.So You’ve Retired What’s Next?Olivia Greenwell
35.Letting GoDavid R. Hawkins
36.Profit FirstMike Michalowicz
37.You are a BadAssJen Sincero
38.Little Book of common sense investingJohn Bogle
39.Lightly: How to live a simple, serene & stress free lifeFrancine Jay
40.The Top five Regrets of the dyingBronnie Ware
41.Retire Early with Real EstateChad Carson
42.Quit like a MillionaireKristy Shen, Bryce Leung
43.I will teach you to be RichRamit Sethi
44.The More of LessJoshua Becker
45.You can Retire sooner than you thinkWes Moss
46.The Miracle EquationHal Elrod
47.Wait What?James E. Ryan
48.The Year of LessCait Flanders
49.Purposeful RetirementHyrum W. Smith
50.Dare to LeadBrene Brown
51.Eat Stop EatBrad Pilon
52.Brand new YouGlenn Harrold,Michael Heppell, Tony Wrighton
53.Take Control of your LifeMel Robbins
54.It’s not what it looks likeMolly Burke
55.How to invest money for beginnersWilliams Schneider
56.Women with MoneyJean Chatzky
57.The 5 second RuleMel Robbins
58.The Simple life guide to RV LivingGary Collins, MS
59.Stop Acting RichThomas J. Stanley
60.Rich Dad Poor DadRobert Kiyosaki
61.Retire before Mom and DadRob Berger
62.The Life changing Magic of F*ck You MoneyBrandon Bosworth
63.Work OptionalTanja Hester
64.Building Social BusinessMuhammad Yunus
65.Million Dollar StylistMarquetta Breslin
66.Tribe of MillionairesDavid Osborn, Mike McCarthy, Pat Hiban, Tim Rhode
67.Financial Freedom at any AgeSteve E. Carruso
68.Worth ItAmanda Steinberg
69.MindsetCarol S. Dweck
70.Living ForwardMichael Hyatt, Daniel Harkavy
71.Everything is FigureoutableMarie Forleo
72.Hillbilly ElegyJ.D. Vance
73.AutophagyLogan Wolf
74.Revised Your Money or Your LifeVicki Robin
75.80/20 You LifeDamon Zahariades
76.Playing with FireScott Rieckens
77.Meet The FrugalwoodsElizabeth Willard Thames
78.Everyday MillionaireChris Hogan
79.13 Things Mentally Stong People Don’t DoAmy Morin
80.You can Thank me LaterKelly Harms
81.Buried DeepMargot Hunt
82.Can’t Hurt MeDavid Goggins
83.Dollars and SenseDan Ariely, Jeff Kreisler
84.Get Your Sh*t togetherSarah Knight
85.Design Your FutureDominick Quartuccio
86.InfluencerBrittany Hennessy
87.Own the day, Own your lifeAubrey Marcus
88.Money HoneyRachel Richards
89.The Millionaire FastlaneMJ DeMarco
90.The Burnout GenerationAnne Helen Petersen
91.Present over PerfectShauna Niequist
92.The Simple Path to WealthJL Collins
93.Passive Income Aggressive RetirementRachel Richards
94.FIVE Where will you be 5 years from today?
95.Fall seven times stand up eightJohn Mason
96.The book in a box MethodTucker Max, Zach Obront
97.The Lord’s Prayer for EntrepreneursDerek Tye
98.Choose FIChris Mamula, Brad Barrett, Jonathan Mendonsa
99.When Less becomes MoreEmily Ley
100.Vision to ResultsJim Fischetti
101.The Next Millionaire Next DoorThomas Stanley, PhD. and Sarah Fallaw, PhD.
102.The Simple Life Guide to financial FreedomGary Collins, MS
103.Making money on Blogging 2020 EditionRobert Kasey
104.The Simple Life Guide to decluttering your lifeGary Collins, MS
105.Chess not CheckersMark Miller
106.I Got ThereJT McCormick
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